REAL Barefoot Minimalist Boots for Men, Women & Kids

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Whether it's Hiking, Running, Walking, or Casual footwear. Let your feet be a kid again.

Whether it's Hiking, Running, Walking, or Casual footwear. Let your feet be a kid again.

Most people have no issue with barefoot shoes during summer. It's the cooler months and inclement weather that lead to problems. When the weather isn't cooperating, we recommend a good waterproof boot. It is challenging to find a good pair of boots, let alone finding one with a wide toe box and zero-drop flexible soles.

Whether you are looking for yourself or the whole family, Xero Shoes has the best selection of barefoot boots. From the Xcursion based on their best-selling Terraflex hiking shoe, or if you're looking for a stylish look like the Mika or Melbourne, you can't go wrong with Xero.

What are barefoot boots?

What are barefoot boots?

Like shoes, a barefoot boot will be a pair with "zero-drop" and mimic the natural movement and motions of being barefoot. One clear sign will be no elevation on the heel like most traditional boots that you may be accustomed to seeing. You should see a straight sole from heel to toe with no elevation as with a barefoot shoe or sandal.

It's a shame to go barefoot all summer to ruin your natural alignment in the winter because you can't find a comfortable, warm shoe that mimics barefoot movement. That's why the Barefoot Alliance is proud to partner with Xero Shoes in bringing awareness to the barefoot movement that one company cares about your body's health and has options for all seasons and occasions. Check out their wide variety of options during the cold winter months for your hikes, runs, or daily activities.

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Brands We Trust

Everything you need to know about Barefoot Boots

Everything you need to know about Barefoot Boots

Brands That Make “Barefoot” Shoes:

  • Xero Shoes
  • Lems

  • Feelgrounds

  • Vivobarefoot

  • Be Lenka

  • Davinici 

It is easy to go barefoot during the warm weather. The tricky part is finding footwear for colder months to provide natural fit, feel, and flexibility. If you join the barefoot movement, you need a company that offers you to do this year-round. That is why we like Xero Shoes for the variety they provide for every season, occasion, or activity.

Finding barefoot shoes and sandals is difficult enough, but finding cold-weather gear is even more difficult. This is why we prefer Xero Shoes. Xero offers a wide variety for every season. You can find them on or find a store near you at