REAL Barefoot Minimalist Sandals for Men, Women & Kids

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Comfortable Barefoot Minimalist Sandals for the whole family

Comfortable Barefoot Minimalist Sandals for the whole family

Barefoot sandals have been used throughout human history for about every outdoor activity. Most make the common mistake of thinking all sandals are barefoot sandals. You will need to find a true minimalist sandal that allows the foot to flex and bend the way you would if you were barefoot.

Many people look for lightweight yet protective footwear for everything from a casual hike in the woods to a competitive run in a marathon. We recommend Xero Shoes Sandals for anything from a genuine barefoot/minimalist sandal to their own "DIY" Sandal Making kits for whatever your need may be.

What are barefoot sandals?

What are barefoot sandals?

In 2009, with the release of the book "Born to Run" the barefoot sandals movement started to gain serious momentum. Christopher McDougall wrote about the Tarahumara Native American Tribe and how they could run extreme distances in simple sandals.

Out of this movement, numerous barefoot sandal companies were created. These companies shared the same vision of creating a lightweight sandal similar to the one the tribe made for running. The movement has gone even further, leading to barefoot/minimalist sandals and including shoes and boots.


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Everything you need to know about Barefoot Sandals

Everything you need to know about Barefoot Sandals

Usually, in warmer weather, people turn to sandals for their outdoor activities. However, your typical flip-flop is NOT barefoot movement-friendly. If you are looking for a genuine minimalist/barefoot sandal, you need to find a thin, flexible sole 10mm or less. The thickness of the sole will determine how close to barefoot you want to stay, but you can go with a thicker sole as long as it maintains zero-drop.

Brands That Make “Barefoot” Sandals:

  • Xero Shoes
  • Unshoes
  • Earth Runner
  • Luna Sandals
  • Bedrock Sandals

Buying barefoot shoes has become easier than ever. Not only can you find them online, but now more and more brick and mortar stores are carrying these types of shoes. 

One of our favorite companies, XeroShoes, has stores worldwide and adds more at a rapid rate. So if you want to go into a store and check out Xero you can look here for one closest to you. 

Yes, in fact, a northern Mexico tribe called the Tarahumara has proven for generations that running in minimalist sandals. The name means "Running People," the Tarahumaras run 100's of miles, and extreme marathoners wearing traditional huarache minimalist running sandals.