USA Olympic Teams go Barefoot

Two of the USA Olympic teams are opting to go minimalist with their competitive footwear. The Artistic Swimming and Archery team have both opted to wear Xero Shoes.

CEO Steven Sashen said, “I know what you’re thinking: swimmers don’t wear shoes. However, swimmers need strong feet. When they are walking around outside the pool, and hopefully the podium, the swim team will continue to build foot strength by wearing our minimalist shoes.”

Dr. Sarah Ridge has shown in studies that simply walking in a minimalist shoe (like Xero Shoes) increases foot muscle strength.

For the archery team, a minimalist shoe allows a grounded feeling. The thin soles with no slope allow for a better connection and sense of all the athletes’ surroundings.

If you ever want to train like an Olympian, here is your chance! Find out what makes Xero Shoes so special today.

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